Graphic Design Studio based in Berlin. 
We are specialised in branding, print media and digital design. Feel free to contact us.


Ocio Studio

Outcomes out of the ordinary.

There is a thin line between outstanding and OCIO, which means “wow” in Mantuan dialect (Italy), and we know exactly how thin it is: 5.3 mm.

Our measure of success is proportional to the contraction of your facial muscles when we leave you open-mouthed with our work.

We are an independent Creative Studio based in – and bold as – Berlin.



Beatrice Righi (Italian) and George Shatirishvili (Georgian). Combined we provide 14 years of experience in Communication Design across all platforms.

Attractive Aesthetics | Charming Creativity | Bold Brand Identity



 Art Direction | Branding | Consultancy | Concept | Editorial | Illustration | Interactive | Website | Motion Design | Online marketing |  Packaging


Say hello at info@ociostudio.com! We will offer you an espresso and a glimpse into your graphical future.


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