About OCIO Studio

Graphic Design Studio based in Berlin. 
We are specialised in branding, print media and digital design. Feel free to contact us.


Ocio Studio

Outcomes out of the ordinary.

There is a thin line between outstanding and OCIO, which means “wow” in Mantuan dialect (Italy), and we know exactly how thin it is: 5.3 mm.

Our measure of success is proportional to the contraction of your facial muscles when we leave you open-mouthed with our work.

We are an independent Creative Studio based in – and bold as – Berlin.



Beatrice Righi (Italian) and George Shatirishvili (Georgian). Combined we provide 14 years of experience in Communication Design across all platforms.

Attractive Aesthetics | Charming Creativity | Bold Brand Identity



 Art Direction | Branding | Consultancy | Concept | Editorial | Illustration | Interactive | Website | Motion Design | Online marketing |  Packaging


Say hello at info@ociostudio.com! We will offer you an espresso and a glimpse into your graphical future.


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